Gnosis Search Plugin

This is a plugin to allow searching the Gnosis dictionary from Joomla!s native search. It is currently in the ALPHA development stage and needs more work, however, it has rudimentary functionary features. 

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Gnosis Package

This is the Gnosis package that currently contains both the Gnosis component and the Gnosis Pure CSS Tooltip content plugin. As of July, 7th, 2013, it contains the most updated releases of both the component and plugin, however, by downloading the component and plugin individually, you are more likely to get the latest release, including minor bug fixes and etc, between package releases.

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Gnosis CSS Tooltip Plugin

The Gnosis CSS content plugin allows one to link individual words in articles and other content plugin enabled components and modules to the Gnosis Component. On hover, a pure CSS tooltip pops up which can be configured to match your site.

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Gnosis Component

Gnosis is a Joomla! glossary extension package composing of a component and plugin. The component allows on to manage words, definitions, example usage, pronunciation, and etymology, and to group them into category list. Words can be added and edited from both the front and back end as well as individual ACL. Component views include a list of words, a list of words in a category, an individual word view, and an edit/add view. The component also allows various configurations such as the ability to enable content plugins in the individual word view, or to remove/add fields from the front end list view.

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Search Gnosis

Gnosis Information

The word gnosis, in English, is commonly used today to refer to spiritual knowledge. The etymology of the word, however, has its roots in Greek where is the word gnosis simply meant knowledge. It is in this original intent of the word that Gnosis finds its motivation.



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