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If upgrading from a previous version of gnosis, please make sure to install com_gnosis1.0.9b FIRST. This will prepare Joomla!'s SQl update system for database changes. Additionally, because there will be changes, to the database, please back up your database.

New installs need not worry about installing 1.0.9b, and may go strait to installing 1.1.0 as normal.



This package contains the new com_gnosis1.1.0, and gnosisplg1.0.9b. You may also download a search plugin, that is only compatable with com_gnosis1.1.0 and later from the downloads directory.

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Joomla! 3.1

Please make sure, if upgrading, to install com_gnosis1.0.9b BEFORE installing this version. New installs can disregard this message.

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The word gnosis, in English, is commonly used today to refer to spiritual knowledge. The etymology of the word, however, has its roots in Greek where is the word gnosis simply meant knowledge. It is in this original intent of the word that Gnosis finds its motivation.



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